Tips For Sellers

So you're ready to sell your home and you can't decide if you should sell it yourself, or hire a REALTOR. Here's 20 reasons you should hire Terry Smith and not take on the job yourself.

You've now hired Terry (or we hope so) and now need help in marketing your home. Within 15 seconds a buyer has developed an opinion of your property. In 17 simple steps you can make your home more marketable. The smallest of details can make a big statement from the carpet to the clutter. When considering a home to purchase, the buyer often visualizes what it would be like to live there. If the home is dominated by strong personal statements, buyers are less likely to feel comfortable, and less able to see themselves as the owner. And don't forget the landscaping. Taking the time to do this costs little, but has a big impact.

By showing attention to detail and understanding the buyers need to visualize your house, you can increase the saleability of your property greatly. With Terry's assistance of recommendations to help your house sell, you should receive the highest price obtainable in the shortest possible time.

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