Tips For Buying

Ready to buy a new home? There are several steps you need to take before you move into your new home. Working with Terry, you will feel confident your search for a new home will be very successful.

Getting started you will need to secure home financing. Contrary to disbelief owning your own home may be more realistic than you think and dispelling home buying myths can be a great education. You may at one time or another had blemishes on your credit report. Don't panic! If your credit report is tarnished there are ways to fix your bad credit. Once you've examined your credit and are confident you are in good shape, you now need to find a mortgage lender. And don't forget homeowner's insurance coverage.

Now the real fun begins! Finding your new home. When checking out a house, leave your emotions at home. Once you've found the perfect home, Terry will be able to write up an offer. After the offer is accepted, there are various steps that need to take place before you can close. From loan applications, qualifications and all inspections completed to repairs made if necessary. Also when buying a home, how do you know what you're getting? That's when a qualified inspector is notified to inspect the house.

Terry can guide you through all the procedures so that you can obtain your new home as efficiently and easily as possible.

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Leave Your Emotions at Home

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